Singin’ in the pond, mmm.

Singin’ in the pond, mmm.
One of the benefits of staying, ‘up north’ for a few days is many, many words from journal to manuscript, of bringing entire sections into play which previously sat in lonely frustration, waiting turn. The result brings the characters into conflict with self, of issues which turn the heart and spirit away from God and into self. As Rita, the star of the show says on her critical care hospital bed. “We paid the price of living in darkness, whew. Now we can return our hearts to the Lord. Jesus is very near.”
Another benefit is to crank the windows open at night and listen to the woodland chorus.. Oh my, how they sing. A nearby lowland teems with frogs. What a lovely harmony, one burst of melody after another, mmm. How many of you love that north woods chorus?

Author Terry Palmer

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A Walk With King David.

A Walk With Kind David
A walk with King David from 2 Samuel chapters 5-7. David found the key. Do you know what it is? Chapter 5: 17-25 give a strong hint. You see, rather than trust in the strength of man and horse, David didn’t delay. As an enemy of David and the Lord appeared as a threat, David immediately and humble sought the Lord. David is brought to us as a King with authority over many mighty men, yet he FIRST sought the Lord. As a result God honored him and conquered David’ enemies, ‘like the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees’.
Today we face many enemies both of us and the Lord. Do you shrink back in fear? Do you boldly go forward in your own strength? Or… do you humble pray as King David did in example for us. Perhaps, in faith, the Lord will vanquish your enemy by marching His army through the tree tops of your life. Oh, what a blessing that will be!  No wonder he had a song and wrote so many Psalms
Forward in Jesus name.

Author Terry Palmer
How to overcome adversity through a step of faith in Jesus.

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The Price Is Paid

The Price is Paid.
The world of darkness has a price on your head. Those forces of evil want to buy your life with death. To kill, maim, or destroy you both now and an eternity. So much so, that anything goes – anything to keep you from Jesus.
Just like the old hymn, ‘Jesus paid it all’, Jesus paid that price of death so you could be set free. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (KJV) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.
So… when death comes knocking with a temptation for you… Remember, the price is paid. Free yourself from that sin in Jesus name. You are a temple for Jesus. Worship and adore Jesus instead of sin.

Author Terry Palmer
How to overcome adversity through a step of faith in Jesus.

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The Problem with Cecile

The Problem With Cecile
A picture story of what my new book series ‘Shaken’ presents to the reader – for the glory of God.
Stephen looked around the shabby offices with a grimace. “Too much old Cecile here. I know what to do. The next time, I’m visiting home, I’ll visit Cecile and bring a few of his treasures up here for these offices and display areas. Don’t know, um, how to even explain what that is. You’ll have to see what I mean.”
Ted nodded. “You mentioned Cecile before. Must be quite a guy?”
Stephen stepped back and rubbed the stubble on his chin in thought. “Cecile? Hmmm, Cecile is quite the individual. A study in the human spirit and how Jesus can use a willing heart for His Glory. That’s it, yes, but no, Cecile is so much more in my life.” Stephen looked around the office and shook his head. “Let’s go for a walk. I’ll tell you about Cecile.”
Ted set his papers aside and stood up with a grunt. “Yeah. A walk’ll do me good.”
Stephen walked along, deep in his memories. “Yeah, Cecile and I go way back. My first memory isn’t very nice. You see, Cecile is grossly disabled, bent and scared by a life of crime and violence.”
Stephen smiled and shook his head. “It’s a tough thing to visit Cecile. He still lives alone and um, often forgets both normal housework and personal hygiene issues. You never know the sights and aromas which go along with a visit. But that isn’t it. To stop there would not be fair to Cecile. You see, Cecile is a fighter, has been all of his life. Part of why he is in the shape he is in. Because he is a fighter, he didn’t give in to what life did to him. Not a bit. He still has his wit, his sharp mind, and the use of one shoulder and his arms and hands… whew, tough memory there.”
Stephen walked on a bit. He continued with a sniffle. “It’s part of what he taught me. To not focus so much on what you can’t do, but what you can still do.”
Stephen pointed to Ted. “Just like you and I and our old gang of bikers. Every one of us. That’s why the story of Cecile is our story too. If you see him walk across the room to find some piece for his art, you might smile a bit. He leaves a wide isle in his work room, wide enough so as he does his walk, which is as much to either side as it is forward, he doesn’t trip up and bang into his art. That’s another thing. His art.”
Ted nodded in wonder. “Is that a piece of his art on your desk. Beautiful piece.”
Stephen smiled. “Glad you noticed. Yes it is. Cecile pressed that into my hands on my last visit. He said. “For talking to my friends at the deli.”
Stephen waited a minute for the choke in his voice to pass. “That was a ‘first’ connection for Cecile. He walks the same two blocks to the same deli, every morning at the same time, like a ritual or something. One day as I visited, I helped him get cleaned up before his walk and breakfast. While at the deli, I noticed the bare, sterile tables and walls, as if one could feel the sadness there. So I told Cecile. “You have a room full of beautiful art which is just right for these tables or maybe on a display shelf right over there.” I knew what to do to. After walking Cecile back to his apartment and shop, I took two of his pieces with me back to the deli. The manager looked so sad on that visit. The life seemed to be gone from his eyes. Cecile and I didn’t know it, but he’d lost his wife to a long illness and now didn’t know if he should keep the shop open or not. Such a discouraged man. I showed him the art pieces and my idea. At first, his sad outlook wouldn’t let him open up to it, but I led him out to the dining area and set up two of the pieces on the tables. Two ladies noticed right away. “These are beautiful. Where did you get these?”
“That’s all it took. Where defeat and sadness once held that deli owner against the wall in a straggle hold, the new light flickered for a moment. “Do you really like these?”
One of ladies ran her finger along an edge. “This is very fine work. See how the stained glass is placed to catch the light here and here, making it seem, hmmm, like a little girl in dance?” Both ladies went on and on about that one piece so the deli owner didn’t wait for my response. In his broken English he told me. “You bring Cecile by here tomorrow, and bring some more of these. We’ll see… Maybe there is a way, no?”
Stephen scuffed his foot on the walk. “That’s how it started. Now that deli is bursting with new business. Cecile can barely keep up with new orders for his pieces, even has a gallery wanting to sell for him. That one thing made the tie for Cecile. Now when I visit, the old part of Cecile is still there, the unkempt room and the aromas, But the determination and smile on his face is stronger than ever. Makes a strong case for what we have here. So many of us are scared by what life did with us. All of those bad memories we share from our time on the road. But that isn’t the point anymore. Now it’s all about Jesus in our lives, about how Jesus can still use our broken pieces to create a piece of art for His Glory and Honor. That’s what we are here. That’s our message. Do you see it?”
Ted rubbed his good hand across his wet eyes. “Wow, man, like that’s quite the story. Have to tell Rita. Hmmm, broken for Jesus, to be used for His Glory. You know. you’re right, in fits us to a T!”

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That Cherished Old Set of Table ware

That Cherished Old Set of Tableware
Here it is, a tablespoon from four generations back, still in good use today. The design and balance are superb. My parents purchased the entire set after World War II, so they used it, I used it as a child and after my parents passed on, we have most of the set to use with our children and grandchildren. I hold it here with my morning oatmeal, ready to use again to help one grow, a tool to be cherished through the generations.
I’m also looking up today’ verse and how well it applies in life. Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. You see… In life we have more to share than fine tableware. We have the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ. Having Jesus share your morning breakfast of hot oatmeal, mmm, and a bit of pure maple syrup, suddenly becomes more than good nutrition, having Jesus along is good nutrition for the soul and spirit, making one glad. Jesus fills for today and eternity.

So, as I use this old tablespoon, which my parents and family used, they also taught me about Jesus, my mom led me to the Lord, and now my wife and I passed our faith in Jesus to our daughters and now their children. It’s a rich heritage, a heritage to be shared in heaven, all together with the generations.

What will you have this morning for breakfast? Will Jesus sit with you through His Word and prayer? Doing so is a rich tradition of love and faith. Come to Jesus today.
Author Terry Palmer
How to overcome adversity through a step of faith in Jesus.

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A Mothers Day Poem – Our touch Of Love Is Here

Our Touch Of Love Is Here

Our touch of love is here
Closely held so dear
Our bond of family and love
Held tight with God from above

Our touch of love is here
Wrapped snug from any harm
Sweet and fragile, yet so strong
To prove true love is never wrong

Our touch of love is here
Do you know love like this
Has one shared this touch of bliss
Way beyond a simple hug or kiss

Our touch of love is here
Held for this little one
Ready to protect and care
So our world will know and share

a poem to share so our world will know true love
Author Terry Palmer

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Mothers Day Poem

How Do You Touch A Mothers Heart?

How do you touch a mothers heart
To show how much you care
So she KNOWS for certain sure
As you lay your love for her bare

How do you touch a mothers heart
The one whose love for you is true
She’s given time and time again
To prove her love to you

How do you touch a mothers heart
To give love back again
To refill her cup of love
So she can pour it out again

A poem for the mother in your life so you can give love back again

Author Terry Palmer

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