Follow the Yellow Brick Road?

Where does you writing lead the reader?

Here is a very private glimpse into the world of a Christian writer.  follow along and see where the path leads.  There might be a surprise or two along the way.

Where is your passion? Do you know? Saturday night brought several of my author friends together on FB. The drift of the thread led each of us to examine our writing and passion.

You see… There is a time and place where each of us found the Lord in our writing. Each is a deeply private and spiritual moment before the Lord. It happens when, in the course of writing, that a moment arrives when the characters, the scene, the concept of Truth which the Lord pressed each to write – all come together to deliver a message so pure in thought that the hand stops typing, tears fall, and the writing turns to worship… It’s as if the Lord wraps His loving arms around this humble servant as time and space seem to still and it is just you and God… Precious moment indeed

But that isn’t this message, even as precious as that moment is and was. No indeed, for there is more. It isn’t about you or I, but about Jesus. It’s about pure worship like this before the Lord.

For the message goes on about the ache in each of our hearts for His message, and now our message, should go and bring one in darkness to be found in Christ. But that isn’t the message either. It’s about our pure worship before the Lord. It’s all about Jesus.

The message is this. You see, as we discussed how close to God we all felt at that exact moment, another voice popped into the conversation. Someone who stood away from God, read and understood the desires of our hearts to write so close to the spirit that it became worship for us.

You see, it isn’t about you or I, but the fragrance of pure worship of the Lord Jesus. It is He whom those in darkness seek. It is His fragrance that brings the one to Salvation. That is what the lady sought, to be near Him and be drawn into His presence.

That is the message before you this day. Do you seek the fragrance of our Lord? To be so near to Him that you know His Word as you know your own? Do the words of your mouth and what you type, bring that fragrance home to those around you?

Take a moment… Listen… Listen… for His still small voice…

Where is your heart before the Lord?



About fictionbypalmer

Explosive Christian fiction writer. Hope to be published in 2012. Praise God to help me keep it simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. As you read my story or answer a blog, please feel His Presence, His touch in your life.
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