How do you Overcome Adversity?

Overcoming Adversity Together.

How often do you throw away an opportunity to involve others in your projects of business?  How often do you miss out by not purposely looking for others creative expression?

Cre – lo – Way, our hero of Chronicles of Orm. leads by example, not making my mistake or maybe yours.  In book second, ‘Of Birth and Rejection’, he puts aside his dignity of bearing by sitting down among our most needy people, the outcasts of society.  They were hungry so he fed them.  They were destitute so he took them in.  They were in need of clothes so he clothed them.  They needed some hope so he gave them the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Why would a hero character who can fly, who can summon the earth, sea, and sky to do his bidding, simple count that as nothing to sit among those least of society?

He knows of secret, that’s why!

Do you know?  Can you think of how you or your society might react in your neighborhood?

Cre – lo – Way knows a secret.  these little children, cast off by society, hold more power than anyone thinks or cares about.  These poor little ones know of certain what darkness is.  they know of certain what Light is, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and how it can transform their nasty lives out of darkness.  And…  they know the difference!

How many adults that you know, know darkness, or Light, or the difference?

Can you discern Light over darkness in your life?  Make that choice right now or follow our blog as Cre – lo – Way reveals more of an example in ‘Of birth and Rejection’.

that brings us back to our starting point – Overcoming Adversity together.

you don’t have to fight darkness on your own anymore.  Plug into His Light and live!

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About fictionbypalmer

Explosive Christian fiction writer. Hope to be published in 2012. Praise God to help me keep it simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. As you read my story or answer a blog, please feel His Presence, His touch in your life.
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