Is God R 2 U ? ?

Welcome to Is God R 2 U ?  ( Is God relevant to you?)

Is God R 2 U ? is at first glance, a love story.  Not the long descriptive narrative style, but Is God R 2 U ? is a fast moving action / adventure script too.  Our new offering is set into a disaster scenario and spiritual warfare.  The theme is the same, ‘how to’, overcome adversity through a step of faith in Jesus Christ.

Do you know how God can use the least of the least of the least?  Perhaps this is how you feel about yourself?  Is God R 2 U ? answers that plea as a very little country church whose members are big in faith, find out.

They pray and prepare for the USA to stop.  That’s it, just stop, turn to God in repentance and revival.  Little do they know that their prayers are heard and acted on by God.  In a sequence of events, the faithful few at the little white church on the bluff find themselves thrust into the national spotlight and learn to lead the nation in answer to that prayer – repentance and revival.

Learn how darkness tries three separate terrorist plots to stop their Christian testimony and the spiritual warfare that improves their faith and shreds darkness.  The battle becomes larger than the local scene allows and soon the world knows about the twin forces of calamity about to strike the USA for their sin.  Join with Ted and Rita and the whole gang as they fight darkness to the end.  Available to read and review on INKITT.  Here is the direct link.

Author Terry Palmer



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About fictionbypalmer

Explosive Christian fiction writer. Hope to be published in 2012. Praise God to help me keep it simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. As you read my story or answer a blog, please feel His Presence, His touch in your life.
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  1. Great content…!!! Waiting for more good posts from you.

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