Big LITTLE Books

Granddaughter story ahead!.

My five year old granddaughter evidently wants to get into little book publishing.  The covers are not clear, the spelling is, well, it isn’t yet.  The illustrations are, um, dazzling and unique, the colors are mystifying, and the plot will leave you dangling.

But oh so cute.  That wins for this ol’ papa.

Her method is simple.  Take some of papa’ typing paper, fold in half, staple the folded edge, turn it a bit and you have pages for a book.  At that point, like any good novelist, ‘what if’ takes over.

Her creations allow for a wide range of characters, of word fancy, of complete changes of direction.  She doesn’t hesitate to break up a scene with a picture, or a picture with a scene.  Her narrative is bold and unassuming.

I think she is into the development of a series for there are three ‘booklets’ right here, joined in her imagination.  On the back she explains her motto in big bold letters.  ‘Laura writes stuff.’

Who knows if this is the beginning of a new fantasy series which will require the reader to put the pieces together on their own.  Perhaps the start of a bold new trend, heedless of good cover art, heedless of spelling or sentence structure or even sentences at all.

But she has desire, courage, passion, and the determination to not be held back by any current style or dictation.  No indeed, she flaunts a brave new front.  Watch for work, coming soon to a book store near you.

Author Terry Palmer


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From Slow train to Snow train.

Ah the grandkids.  How smart of them.  Some things just seem to pass from each generation.  20 degrees in central Minnesota on a January day means fun in the snow.  On the way to the bus stop, they made a snowy detour.

It’s one thing to go down a snowy slide on ones own fluff of snow and slippery slide.  It’s quite another to have a line of kids, all links by arms and legs at the top of the slide, giggling and laughing, then WHOOSH, down goes the whole line with a string of giggles and more bright faces.

This ol’ papa remembers the same with a bunch of cousins, a long snowy hill, fluffy snow, and clear warmer January weather.  What a thrill to get that many kids lined up, all in breathless anticipation, then the WHOOSH as momentum overcame common sense and safety.  Fun memory

How many of you did the same?

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The Blessing of Affirmation

When in doubt – ask God

Hebrews 4:16 (KJV)
16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.




How does one go on in life when these words swarm around as if to drag a person down?  Is there a strategy that really works?  When you are in Christ and can pray there is indeed.  Oh no, you might say, another trust in God thing….

Yes indeed again, for that is a Biblically sound position. from Hebrews 4 and about one hundred other references about affirmation.  It happened to this author this week or maybe this weak.  You see, as we go through life and take our eyes from Christ to our troubles, they can seem to overwhelm.  Sound right so far?  But God knows and is powerfully relevant.

How God answers your desperate prayer is up to Him and will be directly for you.  In my case, God used two dear sisters in faith and a prayer meeting, unknown to me.  What a strong affirmation from a loving and relevant God to continue, to fight the good fight, for continued health right down to my specific health issues.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition cause I’m comin’ out fightin’ for Jesus.  How about you?  What is your battle strategy?

Know thine enemy.

Know thy Champion, (Jesus).

Know thy Faith.

Overcome adversity through a step of faith in Jesus Christ.

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Call A Daughter – Blessed !

This is for good daughters everywhere, from an ol’ papa.

I went to the pharmacy today to pick up items for my disabled wife.  I sure don’t a thing about hair care products, personal care products, etc.  But I can read a label from the list I was given and actually remembered to bring with me.  But that isn’t the point.  While I was doing my best to get her prescriptions, her care products, etc. two others did the same nearby.  Here is the good daughter part.

Each set included an ol’ papa and a daughter.  You can tell by the interaction and when the daughter calls the man dad, real giveaway on that one.  Each daughter had the dad in tow, looking at a list, AND also watching and very much in earnest about where the older man was, which way he was walking, etc.  So kind and gentle about that pursuit.  Each one also cared enough to stop at each point, understand a question, understand an unknown, and care enough to not simply be walking along while talking or texting on a phone.  Not these ladies.  It was all about one on one care and devotion to his well being.

What a tribute to a daughter who cares.  Who cares enough to not be distracted by the shouting media.  What it defined is respect.  I don’t know the story about who these good people were or what has gone on in the families.  But respect speaks out loud and clear along with care and love.

So here is a tribute to good daughters everywhere who love their ol’ papas.  Speaking from the steps of an ol’ papa, we love you too.  Blessed.

Author Terry Palmer

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To Live In Horror!

Luke 21: 11

and great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines and pestilences. And fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

And woe upon woe.  I read the list from my newsfeed as if it matched me Bible reading – because it did.  The horror of the volcano in the Phillippines, so close to thousands of people, the earthquakes in Greece, Chili, Honduras, and etc.  And now a new Super / full /blue / blood moon for the end of the month.  What’s going on?

I remember dragging out the big toy box as a child.  My brothers and I would unload the bags of dominos and line them up into intricate patterns, careful to use ‘spacers’ until it was all ready.  Then we would carefully add those last few pieces and ‘whammo’, push down the first one and watch in fascination as the long lines would fall in precise patterns.

What you see in the volcanos, earthquakes, the moon and stars are not there by accident.  Everything God does is part of His plan for our time and season.  What is His plan for you?  Do you know?  Have you asked Him?  Are you ready for that last Biblical domino to be placed in His season and the last days fall in a precise pattern?

You can be ready for an eternity with Jesus by simple reading His Word, understanding His Love for you, His redemption plan of Salvation by Grace.  And its there for you FREE to believe or reject.

Will you be ready when the last domino is ready to fall and your time for choice is over?


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Full Disclosure?

In these days of political turmoil and uncertainty, to whom do we go for both the truth and the real deal?  Do you know?

Monday, January 15  Devotional

John 14:21 (KJV) He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. Manifest, hmmm, in todays arena that might mean disclosure.  Two other translations use disclosure.

You know the scene.  In order to close the deal, both sides have to offer ‘full disclosure’, otherwise it isn’t a deal.  It’s business safety, the right procedure listing all of the known factors.  But that’s mans way.  Can you think of a better plan?

How about God’ way?  In God’ disclosure, He discloses His love to those who keep His commandments, who love Him, and live a life for Him.  God then fills that person with love unmeasurable.  Even as a fiction writer, this ol’ author can’t begin to explain the depth of that love.  The best deal going…  Turn from your sinful way in repentance, accept that Christ is the answer to forgive us our debt of sin, and receive Him free of charge.  As a signing bonus, you also get life in heaven with Jesus forever.  Sign right here…

“Dear Jesus, forgive me of my sin.  I repent, stop doing wrong, and accept Your way for my life.  Done deal!”

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Oh, Those Dark Brown Eyes.

Oh, those dark brown eyes.

Granddaughter story ahead.

It isn’t a bit unusual.

You see…  This ol’ papa uses an old style shaving kit.  I use the foam shaving lotion and my a newer version of a shaver, one of the five blade angled something or other.

It’s a far cry and bleeding face from what my dad passed on to us boys.  Whew. DANGER, RED ALERT.  Those old double edge blades meant one could slice and dice your face in double the places in double the time.

So now I’m after safety and comfort.  Too many ways for an ol’ goat to hurt himself these days anyway.

The rest of the story makes my granddaughter the star with a question.  Hmmm, what is it about an old papa shaving that makes a curious little girl look in as if compelled to watch the show?  When she is watching, this ol’ papa makes as many funny faces in the mirror as I can complete.  If she giggles enough, then she gets a dab of shaving cream on her nose and cheek.  She seems to be thrilled by that, the same as her mom did as a little girl with those same dark eyes, looking around the door in curious stare.

I tried it with the grandson too.  Gave him one of the little plastic magnet letters in the shape of the capital letter ‘L’ for him to use as a razor – a bit safer that way.  He was thrilled too, had to stand up on a stool and make faces in the mirror as he ‘shaved’ with every serious intention – so grown up.

I’m fairly sure that when they have children, they will repeat the process – ‘just like papa used to do’.

There are worse things.  Now you know the story behind the giggles and those dark brown eyes peeping around the door.

Author Terry Palmer


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